So here are my old resolutions from last year:

Resolutions for 2016 (with an aside, 2016 Baby Thoughts)

How did I do? Ehhhhh. I can’t say I laughed much, although I did write a personalized Choose Your Own Adventure (so not TM) for a family member as a wedding gift. It was more bleak/black humor than goofball funny, though. I worked up until we left South Dakota, and then I just kind of … drifted. Nearly all my energy left over from moving has been funneled toward E., his therapies, his doctor appointments, and new stuff for him like attending ECFE classes.

I did go to the movies. It was more of an activist choice, though — I had planned to wait to see the new Ghostbusters when it came on video. But then a bunch of shrill racist freakshows pissed all over Leslie Jones for no reason, and I thought, ya know, I wouldn’t mind getting out for a day. A. watched E. and I had a ball.

We did open a savings account for E. Let’s see how long that lasts!

All the house projects I listed transformed into new and different projects at the new and different house, although painting on the main floor, fans in bathrooms are both still on the new list. What is up with all you oldish houses and your lack of bathroom ventilation, am I right or am I right?

I have not baked bread, but many, many cookies and treats. The writing didn’t happen — except for the CYOA joke book. Which was fun, and made me want to write more. I don’t know what’s missing. A bit of energy, I suppose. But some inspiration, too.


I’m gonna go ahead and carry over 2016 Baby Thoughts, because I think they still apply. So my number 1 is that. Here are my other new resolutions for 2017.

  1. 2016 Baby Thoughts
  2. No candy. Doesn’t save much money, since the kind of crappy candy I like is generally cheap crappy candy, but it’ll save a little. I got sick on some cinnamon bears and I just thought, jesus christ, woman, enough, okay? Can we say enough? Yes? No! More! Okay, yes, done. So, no candy. For a year. Can I do it? We will see.
  3. Volunteer (and eventually work) in my field. This is currently happening. I picked up some volunteer hours as an archivist, and it might lead to work, if we can ever get qualified daycare/nanny care for E.
  4. More ECFE and similar for E. He did so great at ECFE this fall, despite being older and less physically able than most of the kids there. It was also great to meet the other parents (almost all moms), and see the differing abilities of kids involved, and other kids who are also in Birth-to-Three. Granted, all those other kids have less delays than E, but it was still heartening to see them in addition to the parade of crawling, running kids and their parents saying things like, Oh, it’s so FRUSTRATING that he isn’t saying anything other than “Mama!” yet! And he’s not walking as regularly as I’d like. It’s good exercise, though, for me, too.
  5. Gardening. Fix up new garden boxes and plant the flowers and veg seeds I’ve been saving. I planted my tulip bulbs in the fall, but our squirrels are both aggressive and enterprising, so we’ll see how many blooms actually come up.
  6. Write. Yep. Write.
  7. Conventions and conferences. I plan to go to a couple SF cons and a conference on CVI (cortical visual impairment, for E). The SF cons will be for me, to promote THE BOOK (more later!) and to meet other writers. The conference on CVI is in April. E’s vision teacher alerted me to that one. She’s going and I hope to attend at least one day with her.

That’s all I got for now. Maybe I can add to this year’s list as I go along, instead of taking away.




4 thoughts on “Revisitations

  1. I hope I can see you–and maybe your fam– at wiscon!
    Can’t say I know all your reasons, but I think you should be allowed to eat candy at least on special occasions, or hard days, or something.


    1. Budgeting now! Right now am looking at Minicon, and will add Wiscon to the list!

      I like your special occasions/hard days suggestion, of course. :D My current substitution for that is that I’m not cutting out anything homemade — just the shit that I buy on autopilot at the gas station or at the grocery store. So fudge and cookies and brownies and MMMM are all still mine, on the special occasions, or no occasion at all. :)

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