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The above is a screencap of an image NPR used to headline an article about gratitude.* Naturally I read the article and then got stuck on the picture and, in particular, the caption. “Female hands giving a surprise present to a loved one.”

I don’t know how NPR does their captions. I kind of doubt they are user-supplied/user-suggested, but maybe they are? Maybe the caption is provided by the creator: Simone Golob/Getty Images. That makes sense to me. But I’m trying to figure out what makes the big hand “female” and what makes the little hand simply “loved one.”

Likely the caption should be considered an artist statement, or it could refer to any base source material used by the artist — say, a photograph of a slim, feminine hand, perhaps one with buff nail polish.

This is probably the result of having long, large, awkward hands as a young woman. But I still have a tough time seeing FEEEEMAAAALEEE in that picture. (That is how I usually read “female” in my head, by the way. It’s a weird mental mix of Tina Turner-Tarzan-James Kirk. It’s super exciting to read in my head.) There are just some hands. If I were captioning this, I’d probably go with “adult hand” and “baby hand.”  Because I am frighteningly literal and full of joy.

Anyhoop. Back to your normally scheduled post-holiday leftover eating.



* Here it is: Feeling Less Than Grateful? Some People Are Just Wired That Way


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