i had prepared or at least started a lengthy ramble about It’s A Wonderfully Life*, but instead of posting that, I’m going to link to two lovely things I read today.

Seeger’s Ode to Joy at Daughter Number Three


It’s Christmas Eve and You Know What That Means––It’s Time For My Favourite Christmas Story At Pat Cadigan’s blog.

E and A and I are currently visiting family, and it’s calm and relaxed. I’ve gotten to see some lovely old friends and will see more before we pack up for home in a few days.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

*no, I’m not a Wonderful Life hater, and I think people who are all, it’s a shit evil movie because George doesn’t get to do what he waaaaaants Stupid Bedford Falls anyway Pottersville is probably more fun–ahem, who are all that way about it, are misreading its propaganda in an incredibly personal way. But that’s just like, my opinion, man.


2 thoughts on “Christmastime

  1. I love that movie. Yes, George didn’t get to go travel the world — but that was his choice. He found something he wanted more.

    Bedford Falls was allegedly based on Seneca Falls, just down the road from here (the bridge, among other things). Zuzu still comes to Seneca Falls every Christmas for a celebration :)


    1. Oh gosh, yes! I think too that there’s a pretty big emphasis on love and life within and for a community as well as for one’s self, and the blatant undesirable opposite of Potter and his need to bend the community to his will and desires alone. Hmm, kind of childlike, isn’t it. Also nothing at all like our current president elect. And now I’m sad again.

      All hail Central New York! :-) Is zuzu the last surviving cast member?


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