Velcro and Cake and Uke


Today was one of E’s velcro days. I was hoping they were over, but they pop up every now and then. It came out of nowhere, too — we had a reasonable morning of tummy time, sitting practice, and phone calling. We went to the grocery store and he was a dream in both the Boba and the car seat. This is amazing, I thought. He’s getting so big! Then I put him down to unload the groceries and his screams rattled the windows.

What could I do? I put away the groceries. I put my lunch in the toaster oven, and started frying his lunch egg. It took about five minutes, tops. He was gasping and purple by the time I picked him up again. I calmed him and cooked his egg, and then I tried to put him in the high chair. NOPE NOPE NOPE, he said, in the form of a giant pout, and then more screams. He snuffled through his egg and ate very little of the rest of his food.

After lunch he allowed me to set him down for a minute while I got out the dinner chicken. As I was setting up the crockpot — more screams. I looked over to see him yanking on his hair. Nothing (nothing! not even songs!) but hugs calmed him down after that, so I put him back in the carrier and did the dinner prep I’d been hoping to do without a baby strapped to me. We chopped onions — apparently special kid onions that produce no tears in children only — and peppers and garlic. I scooped tomato paste and dumped tomatoes and narrated everything I was doing, because if I did not talk about tablespoons and water and tomato juice and salt I was going to looooose my daaaaamn miiiiiiind.

But I did not, and E is now snoozing on his dad, and we have a delicious crockpot chicken dinner. And cake. I had two pieces for lunch dessert and two for dinner dessert. There may be midnight dessert if this unputdownable crap continues.


Hey, I actually have a good segue for a change! The Doctor Uke site has music for so many songs that it’s easy to find stuff you know, but to find unfamiliar stuff to experiment with, you have to pick at random. (He recognizes this, though, and currently has a partially finished Categories page.) Ever the methodical cuss, I have been going through the alphabet and eventually I ended up at this song:

It is fun and easy to play on ukulele! E loves it, and it is now his favored diaper-change tune, along with “Honey Bun” from South Pacific. (I’m generally terrible with lyrics, but that one has stuck in my brain for many, many years. Thanks, Mom and Grandma.) I hope you enjoy it, too. And if you ever come see me, I will absolutely bake you a cake.


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