More Like Puke-lele, yeah?


Ever since we found out E likes the sound of guitars* A and I have been exploring new ways to entertain him without resorting to all youtube guitar, all the time. My dad found out and, anxious to help, bought us a cheap ukulele — as pictured above, with crumply baby toes for scale.

(To clarify, the title of this post is a joke. I do not think ukulele tunes are synonymous with puke, nor do I mind the huge surge of interest over the last decade or so. I want more Ditty Bops, please! More youtube videos of ladies and gents covering tunes they like!)

Anyway.  We started out with a Raffi songbook, and then A found this amazing site:


Only about a million songs. Woo! Lots of chord help. Suggestions for how to strum. It’s a fantastic helpful site — go check it out if you want to learn uke. I like it, because my fingers are weeny and I have trouble holding guitar chords. NOT SO with a tiny ukulele. You too can be the best uke player in the world, no lessons, self-taught.

E has started smiling and yelling during particular songs, and the uke works great to keep him calm while he’s practicing tummy time. Best of all, we can easily take it in the car for long trips. Try a ukulele! You might enjoy it!





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