(Momentarily) Out of the Slump


Reading Twitter and Facebook and The News is depressing with all the Trump BS, so naturally I’m checking all of that several times a day. I will be the best informed masochist in this country, damn it.

Since moving to our new steel-encased apartment, our TV options are limited. We lost all our PBSes, which has made me weep, but we have gained some A-mazing local news affiliates and some interesting rerunny stations. What was MeTV in South Dakota is now Heroes & Icons here in Minnesota. H&I plays a bunch of great junk, including many, many episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess and a whole slew of cop shows like The Commish and Hill Street Blues.

But forget all of that: they also have started showing All! The Star Treks! And I am super, super excited about that, because I am not going to see the new movie for a while (money woes, baby stuff, etc) and so I will get my fix at home, with my mostly-ineffective antenna. So far it has been a great opportunity to expose E. to new words and phrases, including:

  • Jean-Luc Picard (reaction: kid giggles)
  • Counselor Troi (reaction: big big big eyes)
  • Shut up, Wesley (reaction: kid stare)
  • Number One (reaction: ho-hum, heard this one before, Mom)
  • Engage! (reaction: more kid giggles)

In short, we are all happy and healthy here, as we stay inside and stare at the magical glowing screen.


I started working on a project for my brother-in-law’s upcoming wedding, and it’s going so well. It feels like a no-consequence thing. Guess I should probably try to channel this into all my work, so I don’t talk myself out of stories before they’re done, etc.


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