There are spoilers in this post for season two of Veronica Mars, and that’s all the warning I’m gonna give because I assume you all have seen it years ago, yes? At one point in the show, Veronica apologizes to her guidance counselor for possibly spoiling the secret of Citizen Kane,  and her counselor’s all, yeah, no problem, seen it. As you see here.

Anyhoo. What a subplot-heavy season. I got completely lost in all the plot tangles of who actually crashed the school bus, so I am comforting myself by drawing diagrams of who gave who chlamydia,* and googling things like how long chlamydia can go undetected in the human body** and whether the disease can be passed on to an unborn child. The theme song is as always, incredibly catchy.***

Oh! And Harry Hamlin should have won a Skeeziest Villain award. Maybe he did — I’m not really up on my Emmy categories.



* WAY more widespread than the show suggests, I think! EVERYONE IN NEPTUNE HAS CHLAMYDIA.

** Surely not two years? HELP ME, INTERNET.

*** Except for some reason my brain wants to interchange it with the theme to the short-lived Sweet Valley High show. (Something that I’ve pointed out before, I think. It is awful.) Which, by the way, is a great example of a nineties show that does NOT hold up. I know. We are all shocked, shocked.



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