No Longer in Motion

We are moved! We are out of the moving-motion and resting somewhat stationary (stationarily? Hrm) in our new tiny apartment. The place reminds me why architecture is important, why we need architects — or at least, thoughtful ones who consider humans to be human when designing living quarters. The apartment is connected to a cement works, and located in an industrial area. That’s not “industrial” like reclaimed/gentrified factory space with trendily exposed brick and beams, or giant Tim Burton/Joel Schumacher* gears on the wall. Real industrial, like railyards and car repair and meat processing. Waste management. Blind and awning wholesales. Diesels. This is the unsexiest and the untrendiest.

The apartment itself is laid out like someone shoved several steel storage containers together, tacked up some trim, painted a couple of accent walls, and said, voila! Apartment! Give me your money, please. Since it’s one of the few places we found that accepts dogs, we are complying.

I am not going to talk about the trains. The trains during the day, or the trains during the night, or the crossing directly across the road from us. Nope. Not gonna talk about any of it, because if I do, I will tear out my hair.

The steel siding isn’t a joke, either. Our cell service inside is, though. BAH.

Overall it’s okay, and it will work. It’s not the top of first-world problems, but it has to be up there. We’ll make it work until we either

A) find something better to rent that allows a sorta well-behaved dog and a sometimes-screamy child, or

B) find a house that will do.

The dog is displeased, as she should be. She went from an opulent four+ bedroom house with yard and shrubbery and bunnies and birds to a cramped, stuffy three rooms with no yard and no shrubbery. (Plenty of bunnies and birds to give her excitement and howly dreams.) We also discovered that with the exception of one lake area, dogs are supposedly banned at parks throughout the city. ????

I guess the above is the STILL CRABBY section of this post. So let’s have some nice thoughts! Because I do not want to tear my hair during my weekly writing break.

  • Local breweries are looking promising. We’re going to scope one out today when we buy stuff for a July 4th get-together with A.’s family.
  • Local co-op looks VERY promising. They had a spread of cupcakes from a local bakery.
  • The town has a wonderful feeling of density and layers — an old and lived-in feeling I haven’t experienced since living in Duluth and Syracuse. I’m a fan.
  • The library is great. Only one branch, probably overworked and understaffed, but gorgeous and crammed full of books and media and papers and computers and I love moving to new places and discovering their libraries. Thanks, Mom?

Which brings me to our weekly viewing list:

  • Arrested Development, season 4. Kept myself pretty spoiler-free for this, and it was easier than I expected. Haven’t watched yet.
  • Crimson Peak. I wanted to like this more than I did. I loved the idea of it. I loved all the actors in it. I loved the look of it, the sumptuous color and the textures. That’s something del Toro always does well, I think. But the actual story was blah to me, and the violence (while I do appreciate a good RATED R! experience) seemed to stand in and push the whole thing into pure shock/gross-out over the lovely creeping Gothic tension and premonitory horror of the first act. If you want to blab about this movie with me, feel free! I’d love to talk more about it, what I liked and what I thought worked, what pushed, and what didn’t work within the confines of gothic stories.
  • Purple Rain. Oh my god, why have I waited so long to watch this. Best movie night ever.
  • Crocodile Dundee. The actual part one, in the actual case. This library sure has their shit together. I cannot provide any thoughts on this one, because it was awful. But now I have watched it. I did wonder whatever happened to Linda Kozlowski, though.
  • Fruitvale Station. Haven’t watched yet — thoughts coming soon.



*NOT SACRILEGE, AND NOT SORRY. Just compare those middle two Batmans, the Burton-Schumacher Batman crossover point.


2 thoughts on “No Longer in Motion

  1. Sorry you have to live in a shipping container for the time being :P Awesome that you have a coop and breweries and a good library — those make up for a lot. Hopefully there is a house in your near future, preferably near all three :)


    1. It’s an interesting experience! I’m trying not to think about season 2 of The Wire (or any other awful human trafficking episode, frankly. Shipping containers are so handy and prevalent, apparently).


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