A and I made a pact that we wouldn’t buy any books this year. And then we cried a lot, and apologized to each other and to the lonely books on our shelves, and we compromised to June. But then I got distracted with moving and packing. Suddenly all our books are boxed up and the bookshelves are empty, and simultaneously the universe has started flinging fantastic book rec write-ups my way. But I am strong. I will wait. We will move, and I will go haunt my new local library with our utility bill, and I will ILL the hell out of all these things.

(Though I may have ordered The Smut Peddler double header but it doesn’t fill until August, so totally fair game, right?)


The dog is fine! Don’t know what the vet saw on those x-rays, but her stomach is tumor-free and she’s doing well, despite the unflattering shaved belly. She is also now on prescription dog food, for GI-sensitive pups. Which means that between diagnostics and new pricey kibble, we have no money and we will not ever have money, ever. Eh, well. Dog is fine! Hurray!

Pool Boy

Took E to the pool again. It was even better than the first time, because

A) we got in for free because there was no one at the desk, though

A1) we feel conflicted about this and plan to pay next time we go, though

A2) we don’t have a lot of cash right now because a2a) moving and a2b) E’s bills, so

A3) if no one’s there the next time we are totally not feeling bad about sneaking in because you guys, get it together, guys.

but anyway,

B) E was super excited to get in the water, and squealed and laughed at everything we did. He did get a little freakily big-eyed when A passed him down to me, but once he was in, he was fine.

There were a bunch of kids in the shallow pool, and they splashed past us with all their kid-pool paraphernalia (kickboards, goggles, hula hoops) and E didn’t get stressed or upset. I got a little teary, thinking that, yeah, he’ll probably never get to do any of that.  And then I got my head out of my ass and had fun with him. I wish I could turn it off like that all the time. It’s definitely easier some days. I’m still trying to track it for Science* but I don’t know what I’ll do if I find it happens around the same time every month or so. Stock up on chocolate for that week? Take a vacation away from healthy children?** Maybe just some mental focus practice: this week it might be worse, so lavish extra attention on the bubba.

And now I am going to eat ten more chocolate haystacks.


*As science-y as making marks on a calendar is, WHOA, get outta town, Newton Jr. Oh my god, remember this show?

**Staying off the Facebooker would work just as well, too.


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