Randomness is random, as usual

Random Thoughts on Baby E.

I read this yesterday morning. From the website CP Daily Living:

Strategies for creating balance when your child has CP–It’s tough!

The difficulty in creating a balanced lifestyle when a child has had a brain injury or disturbance in brain development often relates to the confusion of dealing with an unknown future. This is because no one can tell you with certainty how much potential for change your child has. For my daughter’s toddler years I felt like I was in a race without a finish line, wondering how many areas of development I could support to keep her development as close to her same-aged peers as possible.

Oh my god, do I feel this? I feel this so hard. It’s the most specific discussion of the nebulous uncertainty I’ve been feeling, of the sense of not-doing-enough, of do-more-do-more, of impending failure to keep up, as Baby E. keeps trundling along at his own slow pace. I will absolutely be reading more from this blog.

He is so damn smiley these days, and it really, really helps.

Random Thoughts on Movies

Stopped by Movies with Mikey after the recent twitterstorm about Youtube/Warner Bros issuing a takedown for his review of that old Kevin Costner Bryan Adams ALAN RICKMAN Robin Hood. See Will Wheaton Storify here.) I really enjoyed his review of The Cabin in the Woods, and the layers/levels of it he dissects, particularly the one of the Giant Old Gods standing in for the horror audience. And it got me thinking — if we take that to the next level and apply too broadly the relationship between creators and fans, could Cabin in the Woods also be a statement about oppressive, toxic fandom, or creators who think fans are oppressive and toxic? Thus: the fans Giant Old Gods are willing to destroy the world when they don’t get exactly what they’ve requested from the creators sacrificial goats? Hmmmm.

Caveats: I have not read any lit on TCitW, so apologies if these views are A) old hat or B) older hat. This vague musing is the product of a parent who got to see two movies last year, Spy and Star Wars. Oh my god, how I loved Spy.

But my local library has been enjoying my patronage, yessir. I picked up Poirot for a rewatch, because Poirot is my comfort food, seductive sax score and all. I also picked up the 2012 Anna Karenina and Keira Knightley’s chin is still working it, folks. As a piece, it was gorgeous — fun stuff with stages and sets and costumes, evocative music, and there is a dog fart, so that made my viewing experience, obviously. My friend Katie once referred to Wright/Knightley’s Pride and Prejudice as a lovely interpretive dance version of the story. I think that applies to this adaptation as well. But! I had a hard time slogging through the novel, so it wasn’t as annoying to me. I’ll be checking out the Sean Bean/Sophie Marceau version, though.

Other stuff in the to-watch queue (also courtesy of my local lib):

  • The Man with the Golden Arm (started it once, didn’t finish it. NOW IS MY CHANCE)
  • The Lost Weekend (never seen)
  • Kingdom of Heaven (pear-HAPS encouraged by Movies by Mikey, but I don’t know if this one is going to hold up for me, dude)

Random Question of the Day

If your bread makes a big mess with a lot of crumbs, is it crumby bread? Or crummy bread? (Crummby?) I have a grilled cheese sandwich and this is very important.

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