Perchance to Decompress

Aye, there’s the rub

Got to thinking about my latest favorite internet time wasters today, as I wasted a precious half hour on the Internet while Baby E. was napping. (After waking up at 4 a.m., which is what he does now, because going to sleep at 9:30 p.m. does NOT equal a later wake-up time. Yes, yes, welcome to Babyland, I know.) I have also not had any success with thumb typing (aka writing) on my phone. I looked in my notes file and found, literally, “drumpfsa did not warns gorge.” I am sure that at some point between brain and thumb, this was an incredible turn of phrase.

Besides the usual timesucks of Facebook and Twitter, I’ve been staring into the following abysses. Abyssi. Abyssyphus. Whatever.

Doge 2048So sparkly! So jittery. So maddening.

Bartleby. So many quotes. (And still no satisfactory new title for the Big Damn Book. Boo.)

Inspire. This isn’t really a fun one. Inspire is a community “created with the belief that patients and caregivers need a safe and secure place to support and connect with one another.” But sometimes when I’m feeling down and in need of some commiseration, I go check it out.

There were more, but I forget them. Because today is NOT a good brain day.

Still not a Bernie Supporter

But remember this?! Eight and a half hours, baby!





6 thoughts on “Perchance to Decompress

    1. Don’t look at me! I’m the one who had to block it on my WORK computer. Because…never mind. (Also the one who justified starting new games if they had a new picture set, a la Chris Evans 2048, Doctor Who 2048, etc. Oh my god I hurt just typing all of that.)


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