I told you I was a freaky generalist, baby

Here’s a promo video for the UT Knoxville Libraries. Some friends and former coworkers of mine appear in this, but even if I didn’t know any of them I would still think they were cool. (This is probably because I am a library and book  information nerd, but whatevs.)

Their Youtube page, which has more fun promo stuff and instructional videos.

Relatedly, I’ve started judging colleges and unis by whether or not they link to the library on their main page — and how hard I have to look for the library page if it’s not available there. If I have to go to the freaking A-Z site index? Come ON. Colleges, if you’re serious about online presences and resources (and my god, you should be, and if you’re not, I might not believe you’re actually a college) you need to make this obvious to your students.


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