A Good Brain Day

(Republished after scheduling screw-up.)


I am having such a good brain day today. I wish my brain would function like this all the time. I’m all getting shit done, all productive, all organized, all making meals that include all five food groups, all making actual food for Baby E instead of using baby food — as awesome as baby food is these days. You’d think they were making it for adults, just like kids’ movies! — all writing on this blog. It’s probably due to my parents’ visit, because my mom is a superwoman and my dad is pretty good, too.* Whatever the cause, I’m happy. Yay, brain! Work, brain, work.

Relocation, relocation, relocation

So we might (MIGHT) be moving again. Or maybe we are definitely moving again. By the time I post this entry, I might decide between one of those descriptions. If we do indeed relocate this fall, we’ll be moving …. back…to Minnesota. A. pointed out that we moved away exactly ten years ago. This is not exceptionally strange, unless you have a thing about ten or decades or something, which I do not. Yet?

In the YAY column, this is a move we sought for a lot of reasons: better hospitals/doctors/health services for Baby E., better job for A., better location in general (family and friends, state and the state’s services, politics, businesses, arts/culture). Not to mention my job will be ending in December of this year — although I’m not contractually bound to stay that long.** If we moved, it would be a good thing.

In the NAY column…I expected to be here a while, and I really like our house. We’ve only had it for a year and some change, and it feels like home. The dog loves it, because she has a big yard that fills with brazen deer every night. If we move, we’ll likely housesit or grab an apartment for a year or two (if not more) before house-searching again. I like Baby E’s respite caregiver and most of his therapists, and I like most of my coworkers. Also as I get older I’m finding that I have increasing difficulty making new friends, something that’s reflected by the fact that I have only one close friend in my current hometown. (I realize this is considered a common problem.) I’m not looking forward to starting over again. But maybe I won’t have to start over completely. A lot of our old friends and family still live in Minnesota, and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with them.

We’re not moving back to Duluth, unfortunately.

More on this story as news develops. If we’re friends on social media (or if you’re friends with A. there), please don’t ask me about it there yet, or him about it at all — since it’s not public yet.

Gaelynn Lea

I never saw Lea perform while I was living in Duluth, but I did catch a video a while back of her and Alan Sparhawk playing some lovely haunting tunes. Here she is on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert, after winning their contest. Way to represent, Duluthian! (And thanks for the public appearance, so I can remedy the error of not owning any of your CDs.)


It is weird to be going home. Except for when it’s not weird, and only exciting, and I’m so excited I can barely breathe.

In case I get too excited, I can always think about this person: MN DPS Revokes Anti-Muslim License Plate, Deemed Offensive. (An aside: Really? You think? And for anyone who’s all FREEDOM OF SPEECH, try getting a plain old vanilla license plate that says plain old vanilla “Fuck me!” or “Fuck ducks!” or “Fuck” anything. I’ll be really sad for you when they turn you down. Bumper sticker? Window cling? Want to airbrush “FMUSLMS” on the side of your SUV in bright pink? Fine, can’t stop you. But don’t expect the fucking state to fucking endorse your ridiculous fucking bigotry.)

Ahem. Anyway. Yes, still excited.



*And also he would laugh at that joke. AKA superdad.

**Although to the credit of my awesome boss and our equally awesome grant partners, every time I’ve expected my job to end, they have found increasingly larger heaps of money to extend my employment.


2 thoughts on “A Good Brain Day

  1. (I keep meaning to respond to your blog posts, but every time I think, “I’ll wait until I have more time to gather my thoughts.” But, ha ha ha, that never happens any more. So here it is 11:30 p.m. and after wasting an hour clicking around the internet when I had originally sat down to work on the novel, I figure I can at least write some tiny comment.)

    Yay for moving back to Minnesota! If you were moving to Duluth, our kiddos could have playdates, but I suppose proximity to Mayo/metro area hospitals is probably more important. I am so glad that Baby E. will getting some better medical care. I have been so frustrated on your behalf over the incompetency of your doctors; this whole thing is hard enough as it is, you don’t need dumb-ass doctors being dumb-asses.

    And yay for good brain days and yay for visiting parents! Where you’re moving, will you be close enough to family that they can help out more often?


    1. Ah, yes! The much-anticipated thought gathering! I think there is something wonderfully relaxing and therapeutic about surface-browsing the Internet, like playing 2048 or Tetris or a candy/jewel smushing game.

      Funny thing: our docs provide reports and care summaries of our visits in these online access portals. Two of our docs noted with great emphasis that they spent “a long time with the parents,” aka us, explaining and discussing Baby E’s health conditions, treatment options, etc. I guess they’re either counting on our sleep-deprived minds to forget that anything over 5 minutes is NOT a “long time,” or they’re so overbooked that they’ve forgotten what actually does constitute a long time. Bah.

      We will closer to family (and on an Amtrak line, yay!) and my parents are retired, so we’ll probably see them a lot more. Nothing like living next door or anything, but we’ve cut the distance by about three-quarters.

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