Hijacked by the High Cost of Disability!

As my posts often do, this started out as one thing and quickly became another. But don’t worry, it’s all still very disjointed and pissy.

Technologically Technical

The WordPress scheduling calendar and I do not function well together. I’ve posted several things recently that I meant to post at later dates, but when I hit the Schedule button and put in a date/time, I either choose the wrong date, or something strange happens and the date defaults to the current day. So I am going to retire from the goddamn internet. Seems like the simplest solution. And apologies to any of you guys who liked/commented on my posts that disappear and reappear at a later date.

Please Give Me All Your Money

Baby E. is outgrowing his high chair, but he still can’t sit up without support due to cerebral palsy, a combination of low and high muscle tone, and probably other things we don’t know about yet. We’re discussing home hacks with his OT, but in the interim I poked around online to see what was available in the adaptive or special needs sectors. Let me tell you one thing that is available: the Kaye High Kinder Chair with Tray, for only $422.30. (It’s Therapist Preferred, guys!) What do you guys think, sounds great, right?



*giant gloopy swamp monster eating wayward forest rangers*

*me crying*

Aw, don’t worry, I’m sure insurance will pay for it all. Right? Right? (c.f. crickets, frogs, etc.) Here is some other stuff we use for Baby E. He’s learning to drink out of a cup right now, and the OT brought a special one with a nose cut-out, to better visually control how much he takes in for each sip:


(Small Flexi Cup from Ark, image from Ark Therapeutic Services, Inc. Something like this we could probably make with scissors and a paper cup, but the soft plastic is a big plus.)

Flat, shallow spoons:


(Maroon Spoons from Ark, image from Ark Therapeutic Services, Inc. Only $4.99 for two. Although Baby E. does all right with these Gerber spoons, which come in a pack of 6 and can be had pretty cheaply at local stores, or $4.76 from Amazon)

Babies are so expensive, aren’t they? But seriously, folks — we get a lot of help from our therapy team. They work for the school district. They purchase some of these expensive tools or “toys” with tax-payer (i.e. my and my community’s) dollars and share them among their students. They help us seek out private/non-profit sources for funding support. And even with all this help, I’m still not sure how we’ll meet all of Baby E.’s future needs. All we can do in the short-term is live as frugally as possible* and save, save, save our money, and try to meet with as many special needs-minded folks as possible. And keep an ongoing list titled “More Stuff to Do/Plan For.” Life feels like endless planning and readiness right now, without the (what I imagine is) excitement of catastrophic/apocalyptic survivalism.

Anyhoo. How’s your weekend? Mine is full of surprise snow.



*Hey, the two-sided attack of quitting crappy candy and the inability to go out to eat/drink has really helped in this arena. Except for the occasional SUGAR SUGAR NOWWWW cravings. And the sadness. And the darkness. And the loneliness. Okay, it’s not that bad, I have PBS, remember? Yeah, PBS!


2 thoughts on “Hijacked by the High Cost of Disability!

  1. Re: Your disagreements with scheduled posts, I had wondered about that. I have at this very moment an email in my in-box notifying me of a post entitled “called A Good Brain Day” (with even the text of the post, so I know it’s not making it up) — and yet when I click the link, WordPress tells me the post is nowhere to be found! It’s almost like…we’re living…in TWO…DIFFERENT…DIMENSIONS! *gasp*


    1. That would be one of the posts I’ve done this with, absolutely. That one in particular was frustrating (and completely MY fault rather than the weird default-to-today WP calendar thing), because I’d meant to schedule it for this Friday. (Doubly frustrating considering the content, which was kind of time-sensitive). But it will return! This Friday! Friday, Friday, Friday!

      Or, you know, the two different dimensions thing would be cool, too. <3


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