Good Evening, BOILS and GHOULS

Pleasant Screams!

My family never had cable when I was a kid, and we absolutely didn’t have HBO. Though I think that was because of cost rather than any particular moral disagreement. So after years of general deprivation and much borrowing hastily-made videos taped by friends, I love, love, love that there is so much Tales From the Crypt available on Youtube. That show, that show. So many fun directors, so many amazing actors. It’s like a gross-out Twilight Zone, only with more of a moralizing creepy fairy-tale vibe, and boobs, and gore.

Dig That Cat…He’s Real Gone. One of the first ones I ever saw.

There are a lot of classic episode lists/articles floating around the internet. I enjoyed this one from the AV Club:

10 episodes that lay out the warped ethical calculus of Tales From The Crypt

Now that the Powers That Be are going to remake it (Tales from the Crypt Rebook: Classic Series to Return), I’m curious to see what they do with it. The difference in crypt keeper doesn’t bother me — I think it’s better they do something new anyway, otherwise, what’s the point of rebooting? Will they be redoing some of the same EC stories that HBO did? Will there be less TNA/”fucks”/mostly offscreen fucking on TNT? Less interest from established actors and directors, and more newbies? Regardless, I’ll be following this with interest, along with the chatter about rebooting the Twilight Zone. And in case the reboot of Crypt sparks a mess of DCMA takedown notices, I’d recommend checking out the old series eps for free while you still can.

Particular favorites of mine:

House of Horror (Wil Wheaton! Haunted house! Frat hazing!)

Only Sin Deep (Lea Thompson is a hooker! Also Lea Thompson!)

Death of Some Salesmen (Oh, Tim Curry)

Let the Punishment Fit the Crime (I love everything about this one, actually. When Catherine O’Hara sees the car in the “old” photograph, eeee. And Peter McNicol is delightful.)

Unrelated Question of the Day

Would you shave every day (or more frequently) if it meant keeping your partner happy?


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