Sleeplessness and Creativity

For the love of Pete, sleeeep

Baby E. has decided he doesn’t need to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time. Nights have been FUN for the past month. Whether this can be blamed on teething, brain damage/PVL, or some Wonder Weeks developmental leap woo someone made up to make me feel better about losing sleep, doesn’t really matter. Because I am a zombie.

Don’t get me wrong — while it’s hell, it’s still better than the ACTH days, because Baby E. still has his personality and sweet toothy grin. I don’t know how well things are going on the PT and OT fronts, but as long as he smiles and giggles at me, life isn’t terrible.

Sleep Training

I’ve been looking at some sleep training books. (I say looking, because one of the most difficult things to do when you’re sleep-deprived is comprehend a whole fucking book. And I swear that some of these baby sleep books are written in the most circuitous fashion possible. Weissbluth, I’m looking at YOU.)  Not sure if it’ll do any good, because of aforementioned brain damage/PVL. Some of the books I’ve started don’t even mention babies with special needs, which is both ominous* and annoying.**

But Ferber looks promising. He and the so-called Ferber Method get a lot of vitriol and hate on mommy forums, and I can’t figure out why from reading the first few chapters of his book. Maybe in Chapter 5 he’ll go all medieval and advocate the abandonment of babies who can’t sleep through the night? Yeah, I know — more likely it’s just more of that wonderful Internet Perfect Mom grandstanding about what is best and right and true for all babies if you’re m0mming correctly, etc. Luckily I am happily beneath all of that.

Stay-at-home Moms have more time to write!

In addition to sleeping poorly at night, Baby E. is currently unwilling to nap anywhere but in our arms. This has resulted in a lot more phone time for me; I’ve been reading a lot of e-books, catching up on my feedly subscriptions and fanfic, and looking at anything else quiet and visual that the Internet has to offer. If I get a story idea while Baby E. snoozes, I’ve been using the Notes app. I hate it.

My problems with writing this way:

A) I hate typing on a smart phone. It’s not only that my thumbs and fingers are clumsy on such a small keyboard, but also that typing is a sensory delight for me. I learned to type on my mom’s mammoth typewriter, one of those ones where you really had to mash the keys to see any results. Consequently I am also one of those annoying people who makes a fuckton of noise when they type. (I’m working on it, I swear…)

B) the AutoCorrect in the app is not that great. I was such an autocorrect hater, but I have had my come-to-Jesus with it now.*** I assume that it’s great in iMessage because it’s constantly getting new input from me. The Notes app has less regular feedback so it’s less accurate. Or maybe I’m projecting a whole world of AI functiony stuff that doesn’t exist. Whatever. The AC in Notes is awful. It makes for some funny typos, but if I can’t make any sense of what I was trying to note down, I shouldn’t even try.

C) Format. It’s nice and minimal, but nothing special, basically just a notepad. It’s fine for what it is, but I’m curious about what else is out there?

D) See A, again. I really don’t like writing on a phone. But I want to put aside my likes/dislikes and take advantage of the enormous amount of time I am currently spending in a comfy chair with a sleeping baby on my chest and at least one hand free.

So! Writing friends? Do you ever write on a phone? Give me your writing app suggestions, or just your writing suggestions, or, you know, even some basic encouragement is fine, too. I will take it all.





* No point in writing for YOU, because NOTHING CAN BE DONE!

** Gosh, disabilities are hard. Let’s just focus on the normals because they’re the bulk audience anyway. Why yes, I am projecting.

*** See also AutoCorrect Hates You by the Oatmeal.

4 thoughts on “Sleeplessness and Creativity

  1. I hate writing even a email on my phone. I have a crummy old laptop I would sometimes use to write while the baby napped, but that only works when she’s in the Boba and I’ve got the laptop on the kitchen counter. I am toying with the idea of buying a chromebook or one of those tablets with a detachable keyboard, but I’m not sure if it would actually help or if I’m just trying to solve problems by buying gadgets.

    I have no great advice; my writing life as of late has been one long failure. I’ve pretty much given up on writing during her naps, since I just can’t get in the right headspace during the day, and am currently trying to write at night when she’s asleep. And I’m exhausted. It’s not going super well.


    1. Agh, I’m sorry that your writing is not going well, or that you’re sapped by the time you have a second to do it. I’ve tried the night thing too, but it hasn’t worked out yet–by the time we get baby e down, there’s still so much I want to get done. Dishes, pick up the living room/wherever, take dog out, laundry, etc. by the time A and I finish all that, there’s no creative energy left. All I think about is getting up for next day. (Though it MIGHT be doable if we weren’t getting up 3 times a night, and if we could put mr chucklehead down for his naps. Argh.)

      I just typed this comment out TWICE on a phone, because WP/my wifi ate the first one. Really, universe? Really?


    1. That’s a good idea! He does like voices, but it would probably keep him awake — and I’m looking for something to do while he’s conked out on me. I wonder how Dragon works for whispers…


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