Books to read

I found a nice load of suggestions in this article from The Millions:

A Year in Reading: Elizabeth Minkel

Shock and awe, all the books suggested are by wimmins. I can’t remember the last time I read a rec list with all women authors, whether it was created so by design or not. I wonder if this one was? Couldn’t tell by reading it.

Naturally some geniuses zoom up in the comments to rectify this problem. The funniest comments are about Felicia Day and “what has SHE done” blah blah blah. Which is really funny, because even if you don’t like Felicia Day, or you don’t follow what she’s producing, she makes stuff. She is the exemplar, the poster child of that famous David Wong Cracked article “Stop Whining and Do Shit Plus Here’s Lenny Kravitz with a Big Scarf” (or whatever it’s really called). She has a following because she writes and produces and reads and is so damn active, and why am I even typing this? Anyone with an internet connection and two brain cells to spark together can find all the stuff she does, just by typing the first few letters of her name into a search engine!

If that’s so, then someone running her down as a useless non-creator and a Girl with a capital G who has paid no mystical manly-approved dues, has no ground to stand upon, and an agenda that has nothing to do with Day. Barf on that.


Hey, I feel better already. Barf on EVERYTHING.

In any case, the article and the comments inspired me to pick up her book.  Looking forward to it.


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