Birthday stuff

I made A. the best-ever high-altitude chocolate cake from Hershey/The Runcible Spoon  for his birthday recently, and frosted the absolute shit out of it, because that is what you are supposed to do with birthday cakes whether your recipient loves frosting or not. (Big reveal: A. likes frosting just fine, as long as it is homemade. I concur on the homemade part, but my “like” is closer to “rabid love.”)

I had a box of those chalky Sweethearts candies left over from probably three years ago, so I stuck them in frosting blobs  around the rest of the tacky frosting I applied. And guess what? One night later, those chalky tooth-grinders are soft and melt the instant they hit your tongue. Sugar vs sugar? Sugar smackdown? Two positives canceling each other out? A tooth dropped in a coke? It’s a mystery. Or a BIRTHDAY MIRACLE.

Was looking online for baby sleepers (in the non-fleece variety, as previously mentioned) and my god, it was difficult. Granted, I was limited by a specific shop gift card, but still, you’d think that cotton and polyester were still viable fabrics for baby clothing.

Aaaaaand the baby is awake. Baby E no longer naps longer than 30 minutes for me. Combined with the shitty night sleeping, I would be surprised if he’s getting 6 hours total, tops. Luckily I am super-duper at going without sleep. Why, yesterday I only had three crying fits, and they were all under two minutes. Go, New Mom, go!

P.S. When do they take away your New Mom card?






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