Nanowrimo 2015 & Associates


So, I totally failed Nanowrimo, which my lovely dictation feature on my computer thinks is “nano rhino.” (It also picks up Baby E.’s little chuckles, and really doesn’t know how to interpret them. Not that I’m bitching. It’s pretty perfect awesome that I can speak to my computer. Quality, or reasonable quality dictation over flying cars any day.) I got around 6000 words. Considering I also got very little sleep and a delightful cold, and dealt with all the regular heavy Baby E. crap, it feels OK. I want to do better, and I will. But I’m proud I produced anything at all in the frustratingly little time I have these days.


Just had a baby meltdown.Calming technique #8743: Sing Jingle Bells while shaking a maraca.


Are you jonesing to watch Miracle on 34th Street, but you don’t have a copy? Are you scared to torrent for fear of spending Christmas behind bars in the MPAA’s secret detention facility? Fear no more, and enjoy this holiday classic in the theatre of the MIND:

(includes most of the 1947 cast)

Recently discovered via AskMe:

Gift Shopping for People You Hate: the Passive-Aggressive Shopping Guide

I dont hate my family or my in-laws, but some these suggestions are too fabulous to pass up. I’m tempted to buy some mustard and pour it into a mason jar, top it with a ribbon, and call it Special Country ‘Stard or some such bullshit.



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