A Thousand Sneezes


One of my siblings brought a cold with them to Thanksgiving celebrations at our house, and so we’ve been sneezing and coughing and and generally shittily-under-the-weather-sleepless all week. That includes Baby E., which provides me with another opportunity to say, Single parents! I salute you! You have mettle of which I know not.

Also I have guzzled so much lemon ginger tea I fear I am turning into a creepy Ginger Person. But I think I’m too cranky.


Let’s just say the baby stuff is not going well, okay? Baby E. is sleeping worse. We can’t get any advice from our pediatrician except for the ass-covering platitudes of “Every baby is different” and “Try reading sleep books” and just to muddy the waters, “You know, because of his brain damage, he might never be a great sleeper. [shrug]” Lack of sleep lessens my ability to handle light-to-non machinery (such as breast pumps or frosting bags) so I read Baby E. half of Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable before I realized our ped meant sleep-training books, not sleepy books.

Having a real problem finding 12-month sized sleepers at my local shops, AKA fucking Walmart. The stock at our store is sad anyway; reliable shelf crammers include sports teams logo stuff, hunting prints, and weird local-personalized creations like Santa is coming to South Dakota! (Which reminds me of this: 

And if you haven’t seen Drop Dead Gorgeous, I am sad.)

So in keeping with the other weird stuff, the only 12-month sleepers I can find are made of fuzzy polar fleece, which is fuzzy on the outside and scratchy on the inside. And hot. They are Christmas prints, which I don’t mind, but variety, even in a giant superstore, is hard to come by.

I am sorry to deny my local giant superstore my dollars, but this is why the internet is so popular here in sub-rural America, folks.


These are for people with kids who cannot get babysitters and are either at the mercy of general network programming or rentables/library borrowables.

A. and I did the latter with Mad Max: Fury Road. A++++++, plan to rewatch soon. Moving on.

Home for the Holidays: Unfortunately, due to the variables of our service out here in the mountains, I have only seen parts of this. But in the parts I have seen, it’s clear that Holly Hunter can fix any movie. Add Anne Bancroft and it’s even better. Robert Downey Jr. seemed really enthusiastic, but there was something about the broadcast combined with his performance that really set my digital antenna quavering — so the reception tended to jump or cut out all together when he’d come onscreen. A simple technical glitch, fixable by purchasing better quality tech or even, dare I suggest it, cable? Or! maybe it’s a case for the…

X-Files, Season 1: Really enjoying this. The lengths to which they go to keep Scully from seeing anything supernatural or mysterious! I think eventually by the episode “Born Again” (#22) the writers were all, fuck it. Let her see what happens anyway, she can always just disbelieve what she saw later. And voila.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: okay, actually I only caught one episode of this on TV. It was the one where Dr. Mike gets cranky about missing Christmases with family and the ghost of somebody (a midwife? Who maybe dies in the first episode of the show? No clue) comes along and plays A Christmas Carol with her. B-.

Scream and Scream Again: One of my Halloween watches. Terrible, would not watch again.

House of the Long Shadows: Another Halloween watch. This one wasn’t great, but it was fun. It fulfills all the promise of Scream and Scream Again by not only casting Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing, but — novelty! — actually having them interact together as well. The protagonist (Desi Arnaz, Jr.!) was annoying, but not enough to ruin the movie. The plot was silly, and the twist telegraphed (or maybe just obvious to viewers in the 2000s?) but it was gothic silly fun, and it wasn’t trying to be more.

Bottom line: if you’ve ever wanted to hear Vincent Price call Christopher Lee a bitch, this is the movie for you.

Gosh, I miss those actors.

Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine: Ridiculous. Maybe I already reviewed this one? I don’t remember. It was good pumpkin-carving fare. If you have a ham to carve, it’s even better.


3 thoughts on “A Thousand Sneezes

  1. Ugh, so sorry for the sniffles and the no-sleeping. There is nothing as debilitating as chronic exhaustion; it makes everything bad feel bigger and everything good feel irrelevant :P

    I must now find House of Long Shadows now. I adore all three of those grand masters of horror; all of them in one show might just cause my brain to explode with glee!


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