A Whole Bunch of Nothing


Am frustrated by WordPress’s comment shortcut thingie — you know the one, it’s the little box in the upper right corner of your screen, the one that turns orange when you’ve got a new comment? So you click on it…and thus begins the Spinny Blue Wheel of Perpetually Loading Doom. It’s one of those problems where I don’t have the proper vocabulary to search out exactly how to fix it. “Comment shortcut thingie”? “perpetually loading”? “HALP ME WORDPRESS” ?

I got a really funny email trying to blackmail me with my “tax id, tax forms, SSN, DOB, Name, Address, Credit card details and more sensitive data.” Supposedly due to the latest Patreon hack. Overall text is hilariously similar to this reddit thread about Ashley Madison, which seems like it might yield more success (link to reddit thread Ashley Madison Extortion lolz). I must pay them one bitcoin or they will damage my credit score like hell! They give me 48 hours to comply!

(Fun fact: Patreon doesn’t store credit card details. As for “more sensitive data,” are they referring to my choices for funding? They’d be better off trying to shame me through Kickstarter — I ordered last year’s Smut Peddler and I sure would hate if anyone knew about that. Not that they could see my link here or the actual physical copy on my bookshelf or anything like that.)


Officially started my Nano project nine days into the month. Yeah, I’m probably not going to finish this year. But it’s reminding me of all the best, most delightful parts of writing: I write at home while Baby E. sleeps/naps, but while he’s awake, while we go out for a walk, or while I’m walking to and from work, I get to think about the world, think of little tidbits like the nun and her five-hour beatific vision, or where the tunnels under the town green lead. I love this part about writing and world-building, and the best thing about it, is that it doesn’t stop — at least, sometimes annoyingly, not for me. To keep from overloading my stories (and from distracting myself from writing the actual plot, which is one of the usually stated dangers of excessive/neverending world-building) I usually have a separate document where I dump all my world-building crap, so I don’t forget it. This time out I’m trying pbwiki, and so far it’s fun and not too distracting.


Baby E had a long night — he decided he needed to wake up every two hours to suck twice on a bottle and settle comfortably into our arms. Very, very tired today, I am. He is too, probably. We had a traumatic blood draw at the clinic last week. While we were waiting for the phlebotomist to get his needles ready, the other nurse made small talk. “I’ve got a five month old grandkid!” she said. “She’s adorable! So how about this guy, he’s almost a year old, wow! Is he crawling all over the place?”

“Um,” I said. “Nope.”

AWKWARD WHOA-WHOOPS-WHAT’S-WRONG-WITH-THIS-BABY SILENCE REIGNED. I really never know what to do in this situation, and as Baby E’s delays become more apparent, it’s a situation that happens more frequently. The nurse didn’t mean anything by it. Nobody ever does. That doesn’t make it any easier to respond.

Luckily the needles were ready to poke, so we commenced with the poking. They weren’t able to get a good draw on one arm, so they switched to the other. :( Baby E cried so much (understandably) that by the time we got out of there, the phlebotomist was almost in tears, too. “I’m really sorry!” he said. “Have a good day! Sorry!”

The new car seat has proved…to change nothing regarding car rides for Baby E. I am NOT looking forward to holiday travel. We’re going to cut an easy day trip in two, but other than that, the only solution seems to be to drive through the screaming.


Some old Mel Brooks. Thank God for Mel Brooks. We finished season one of True Blood. To be honest, it left me kind of whelmed overall. Watched a brief documentary about Poirot, in which all the actors suggested that Poirot, Miss Lemon, and Hastings were living the ménage à trois life. <3


Will be hosting family for Thanksgiving, for the time ever. Will be roasting a turkey for the first time ever! Will be watching other people eat pumpkin pie, for the umpteenth time, but making one for the first time (ever). I’m hoping it will go well.



2 thoughts on “A Whole Bunch of Nothing

  1. Have you seen Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” yet?? We’ve been binge-watching the last few days and wow is it good! Also a bit unnerving since some of he Nazi slogans remind me of Donald Trump lol

    We’ve been the Official Thanksgiving Hosts for my husband’s family (all local) for the last eight years or so. If you like cooking, TG dinner is kind of like the Olympics lol Best advice I can give: Don’t be afraid to take shortcuts, don’t hesitate to ask people to bring something, and don’t worry if everything isn’t done at exactly the same time. That’s what microwave ovens are for. Good luck!!


    1. I just heard about that! Totally missed any lead up news, that they were making that. Going to have to queue it. I keep hearing lovefest/freakouts about Jessica Jones, too. (And yeah, Trump is really serving as pure undiluted Godwin fodder these days. I wish he would melt under the toxicity of his own bile.)

      Re: Thanksgiving, have a fantastic sister who is bringing the turkey for me to fix, in addition to many of her favorite sides (already fixed). As first Thanksgivings go, this one will probably be relatively easy. And if it isn’t, it will certainly make for an entertaining blog. :D


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