Exit hmmph, chased by thermals

A wonderful take-down of a Minnesota Monthly cover story that set my teeth on edge (guess I’m one of those fun-hating longjohn-wedgied killjoys, right, MM? Bleah) from one of my favorite blogs, Daughter Number Three:

Minnesota Monthly, the Sell-Out’s Sell Out

I think what pisses me off the most about crap like this, is the preemptive damage control AND shutdown of disagreement, or as DNT says, “lecturing us about how we’re being sanctimonious.” Indeed! Fall in line, little consumers! Don’t you LIKE expensive pretties? Or eating brownies instead of oat bran/kale/[insert some other much-maligned healthy food here]? Just get off our backs and let us flog some luxuries.

Be right back, will be in the bathroom extracting aforementioned undies.


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