Only a week left — so cherish it, you sap

beistle old witch

Have I said yet how much I love this month? Not enough, clearly! I love October, for Halloween and for the change of autumn. It’s why I couldn’t deal with living in a hotter climate — October (and November, and part of December) were no longer full of chill breezes, rains, crunchy leaves. We had the a/c on over Thanksgiving, for Christ’s sake. My skin loves to be sucked dry by the elements, do you hear me? I looooove it.

So I’m miffed there’s only a week left. Time to watch all of the creepy movies, and make cider and popcorn, and add more fantastic decorations like the above to the windows and walls. On the plus side, only a week till NaNoWriMo. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it this year. I’ve got an idea I’ve been kicking around since before Baby E. was born, one that has been in stubborn, pointed hibernation, as in I’m not going anywhere until you do me properly. But I also have a handful of stories that fit into that idea’s universe, and I like the idea of trying to bang out a story a week. I like the idea of having four possibly-shitty stories to show for a month of work, rather than one definitely-shitty novel. But maybe I’ll try to do both. Yes, folks, here comes NaNoWriMo: Month of Big Talk.

Watching: The Oblong Box. Despite having both Vincent Price and Christopher Lee (and as of yet, with a wide gulf between them on screen. Frustrating to see two awesome horror actors without any scenes together), it’s pretty terrible. I’m disappointed. Next up, either The Diary of a Madman (more Price, based on “The Horla,” among other Guy du Maupassant stories?) or The Tomb of Ligeia (more Price/Lee/Corman/Poe).

Reading: I finished and enjoyed The Goblin Emperor, so now I’m on to The Dispossessed. It is a lovely treat so far — one of those edible books — I’m trying not to gorge/read it too quickly. (Luckily, Baby E. helps with that.) Also still working through The Collected Ghost Stories of E.F. Benson, a little of which goes a long, long way. I had the mixed luck and misfortune to happen upon some old blog posts of Patton Oswalt’s in which he recommended some horror stories, and my brain is still recovering.

Listening: The Black Tapes podcast, and also this older show from Icebox Theater, The Thing on the Ice. Many thrills and chills and creeps, etc. Happy shivering!


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