Baby ETA

Development Update: AKA Why Baby Isn’t Sleeping So Great

Baby E is holding his head up AND pushing up with his arms! And sort of looking at me when I say “Look at me”! And rolling over from tummy to back without help! And falling asleep on his tummy safely!

Yes, I get that most babies have these milestones at 4-6 months instead of 10. Whatever. But what I’m happiest about is that this sort of explains the shitty sleeping all week.

Unfortunately, Baby E has also developed a very croupy sounding cough. Ups and downs, lotta ins, lotta outs, I don’t even know, going to Urgent Care sometime soon.


4 thoughts on “Baby ETA

  1. Yeah! Go, go Baby E! Tell him a random stranger from the internet is very proud of him.

    How is the cough? We just had our first baby-cold over here a few weeks ago. It never got too bad, but it was pretty pathetic seeing a little baby with no idea why her nose is suddenly full of snot.


    1. <3 and the same to your little one! No fever or pain for Baby E, thankfully, but he's still pretty snotty/coughy — so hard to eat when you can't breathe through your nose, poor babies!


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