Judgey search engines

While searching for potential cake recipes for my mom’s birthday, I came across the word “scant” in reference to an amount, like this: 1 scant cup flour. This is one of those words where like many people (I think) my mind just puts in the most common definition and works with the context. I thought okay, barely a cup. And then I realized, no, I really don’t know what this means. It could mean add red food coloring, for all I really know. It’s RECIPE LINGO.

So I googled the term, and got this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 6.19.32 AM

Very, very bad! Bleh. Sounds like someone had serious feelings about scant or got burned by a recipe with scant. And I don’t think “to taste” as a substituted phrase works, from a cooking standpoint. Unless I use “to taste” to mean something like: “Use the amount of flour that will make this cake fail or not fail, to your taste.” Definitions, definitions!

As for me, I generally like seeing scant in a recipe. I’m really, really bad at estimating, and “scant” as a word or direction (in addition to feeling fun on the tongue) makes me feel like I’m able to. We’ll see if that’s true. Link to a recipe I’m considering:

Banana-Coconut Cake with Agave Frosting

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