Good days and bad days


Baby E is still smiling, so the bad days aren’t that bad. Mostly they’re bad when I don’t get enough sleep — when that happens, it slams home just how easy I can and will fall off the Precipice of Control. Sort of like those articles about how easy it is to tumble into poverty, which is something else I’ve been thinking about as the medical bills arrive.* With less sleep, I have more sobby moments at my work desk. I also get less tolerant of … everything? Although that’s not saying much — my intolerance of stuff usually involves walking away and sneering to myself at whatever while crying in a bathroom stall. SICK BURNS ALL AROUND.

Baby E. is eating baby food like a boss. We’re doing some purees ourselves, and we’re buying a lot of the Plum Organic squeezy bags, mostly because they look so delicious. Good job with the marketing, Plum Organics.

Grandparents are visiting. My dad is building a wall in the basement. I am helping, minimally, while my mom plays with Baby E. After we sheetrock and mud it, we’ll paint it white, both it and the dark wood paneling on the other walls.


Give me your TV recs, friends? I am in possession of a gift card, and I want to watch something new. What are you watching/liking? A. and I have a list, help us add to it.


Here’s your dose of October awesome for today, an episode of the radio show Escape starring our man Vinnie, “Three Skeleton Key” (1950):

*Rarely has our mailbox been so stuffed. If you want to feel super popular**, just have an emergency c-section and a preemie. Ask me how!

**Granted, this myth will be dispelled as soon as you OPEN your stacks of mail. Let’s not dwell on that!


3 thoughts on “Good days and bad days

  1. Mm, TV recs. Breaking Bad, compulsively watchable: you can’t look away as the rot slowly sets in on this nice middle-ages chemistry teacher. Bones, a current favorite: snappy dialog, fun plots, great supporting characters. Sister Wives, my latest guilty pleasure: I feel oddly affectionate towards these ladies who work so hard at being friends while sharing a man. Ink Masters: surprisingly entertaining apart from the backstage cat-fights, and some of the tats are quite impressive. Black Books: Hilarious Britcom about a surly rather Snape-like man who runs a second-hand bookshop, his neurotic assistant and scatter-brained alcoholic female best friend. Derek: funny and charming mockumentary by Ricky Gervais that makes me laugh and cry in equal measure.


    1. Thanks for these! We’re doing season 1 of X-files, since A.’s never seen it. I completely forgot about the existence of Derek. Also, what do you think about Angel? I’ve watched .5 of an episode. As a fellow Buffy fan, you can tell me, is it worth it?


  2. I really liked Angel. It’s a little more “police procedural” than Buffy — the characters are all older so it’s missing the teen angst patina — but it has a good solid overall story arc and a nice mix of serious and funny. The episode where Angel gets turned into a muppet is HILARIOUS.


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