It’s the most wonderful time of the year, again!

Hurray for October, and autumn and Halloween! Hurray for misty chilly rain and fall birthdays and the crunchy leaves underfoot on dog walks. The deer are back down from the hills, back to harassing our bird feeders and tree bark. Last night I took the pup out for her last pee, and she chased one of the neighborhood cats out of the lilac bush. They tore up the yard like they were having fun. Also tore up the flimsy flowerbed fencing I looped around the asparagus, so that’s on the agenda for today, along with post-pounding for the fencing around the apple tree. (The deer already had their way with it, but not badly enough to kill. They just tore off one big branch, the assholes.)

I think I’ll put up the Halloween decorations this week.

Betsy Phillips over at Tiny Cat Pants is posting short creepy stories every Saturday this month. (You may remember her from last year?) This/last week’s is here:

Aunt Karen

I enjoyed it, and I look forward to the rest.


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