Stop telling me I can’t multitask, I can totally multitask.

If there is one thing parenting has taught me so far, it is that multitasking is not real. Or not possible. Not seriously. You can PRETEND you can check your phone while feeding the baby, but it’s not fer real. Naturally this has thrown my interviewing skills into disarray. “Multitasking” and all the pretend-benefits that come with it were my mainstay “strength.” Curse you, reality.

Relatedly/unrelatedly, Sherry Turkle has a newish article at the NYT:

Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

I like Sherry Turkle. I never feel like she’s advocating that we all crush our evil overlord phones beneath our heels and go off the grid to live with goats and fig trees and maybe some goat cheese. I like the way she discusses the problems of constant phone use without demonizing those of us who use them.

Anyhoo, I have yet to read Alone Together, but it’s on my list of technology to-reads (most of them recommended to me by A., with titles about googlization and stuff by danah boyd) and I will get there, someday, probably while I am helping Baby E. with some much-needed tummy time.


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