“New and different bad things happen to you at every stage.”


That quote is from one of the writing podcasts I’m catching up on, taken completely out of context.

Keeping on. Drinking some Numi Emperor’s Pu-erh tea. Funny what some people describe (universally) as “malty” I taste and smell as “mulchy.” Although the more often I drink it, the more the malty/mulchy tastes like a whiskey burn.

Keeping on.

(Ditchdiggers ep #12, I love you for your baby screamy/shit up the back opinions. That was actually exactly what I needed to hear right now.)

Baby/Blog/The Thinking of the Thoughts

I think, due to my own thinky thoughts and the comments of others, that I’ll probably keep my Baby E thoughts (and updates) here on this blog. Less stress, less things to update. Though really, I don’t know what I’m talking about when I pretend to consolidate — I still have a livejournal, for crying out loud. But more on that soon. We have a new pile of papers from Children’s Hospital in Denver (best hospital ever, especially when your local in-the-sticks providers are too overbooked to see your kid), a new pile of papers from Early Intervention services, and a giant bag of syringes, needles, and alcohol wipes to accompany the tiny Cadillac in our fridge, Acthar. We also have a very grumpy baby. More on that soon.

What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Sometimes I search for new stuff about UC, I find excellent imagery. My current favorite, this dour-looking woman with the transparent belly:

Why stand up straight my colon is ulcerated

It’s okay, lady, you look accurate — although it’s the least of my worries these days, UC makes me dour, too.


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