Spring again and backyard birding

While another snow might be in our forecast future, we’ve been enjoying lovely springy-summery days this week. The bird feeder has gone nuts with house finches (not to be confused with purple finches, apparently), goldfinches, Bullock’s orioles, bluejays, mourning doves, starlings, slate-colored juncos, and the ever-present flocks of sparrows, wrens, and creaky, crackling grackles. Someone told me when we moved here that this area was shite for birding. I suspect he is not a birder. Or perhaps he just loves cardinals, a bird we rarely see around?

Some bird partying:


These finches are bossy as hell. And this is a modest showing for a morning — normally they’re perched on all the hooks and hanging off the little brackets beneath the feeder box.


They are lovely, though. They come in an abundance of bright stains: juicy orange, red, and plummy purplish. The occasional yellow flash of goldfinch stands out even more strikingly than normal in their midst. I wonder what other birds we’ll see as the year continues. Maybe a mountain bluebird or two?


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