Peas and rice!

Ladies. Gentlemen. We have pea shoots in the garden!


This is my first garden vegetable not grown in a pot, can you tell? I am still holding my breath, though. My previous potted vegetables never came to fruition — the gorgeous Black Krim we bought and potted and covered lavishly with protective Anti-Bird(tm) netting was eaten by parties unknown, presumably either squirrels or really sneaky enterprising net-dodging birds. The yellow bell peppers, which received identical gardening treatment, survived the wildlife but rotted on the vine. Or, er, stalk. Whatever greenery peppers pepper upon. The only edible thing to survive our tenure in Texas was a pot of virile mint gifted to me by a Louisiana friend. Necessary note-to-self digression: I have not yet made mojitos. This mint has gone rampant. IT IS TIME, LIVER.

Anyhoo, peas! Hurray! A real garden! Never mind that my haphazard pea trellis was blown apart by (heigh-ho) the wind and the rain. I also have yet to construct a browse-proof fence around the tiny garden box. These peas are looking mighty defenseless at the moment. We’ve got quite the urban deer population around here, and I’m sure they would love to finish off a good bark-browsing midnight snack with some tender pea shoots. Give me a quiescent baby and a watchful husband, o universe, and I will protect these peas.


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