Piddling, you say?

Yesterday I got a piddling amount done. But they were all piddles of greatness, my friends. Thus, in addition to the dishes washed, the diapers laundered, the bottles prepared, and the plants uncovered so they could soak up the sunlight and the freak snowmelt, I achieved the following…

Baby stuff

We played. Oh, did we play. There was sitting practice and standing practice, and rolling-around-on-the-mat-with-Mom’s-help practice. There was a screamy session of tummy time on the yoga ball. There was reading and hand painting and toy batting! And then there was much napping. Or at least, many catnaps. I don’t think we’re doing enough tummy time (Baby E is having difficulties holding up his gargantuan noggin), so I might try to institute a daily session after work. I’m sure the PT will let us know more about what to do when we have our first appointment with her, though.

I also scheduled Baby E’s first eye appointment. Shouldn’t be too exciting, though it will include a screamy trip out in the car seat.



Just kidding! I opened a document and looked at some words. I may have typed one or two. I also did a little reading of background researchy documents such as The Encyclopedia of Demonology, The Testament of Solomon and Satan Hath Great Need Of A Carpenter, Also. Okay, so that last one isn’t real. But boy, apocryphal documents are great, aren’t they? Makes me wish I’d known about them before hitting college. What a childhood influence they could have.




Lots of podcasts, since Baby E sleeps through them. They also keep me from falling asleep myself and dropping him. Good news all around for mediocre moms! I am laughing immoderately and like a loon at Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap, and taking some good and acerbic advice from Ditch Diggers, in addition to my old standbys.


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