Lauds and Libs, the Snowed-In Edition


Poirot. All of the Poirot. Okay, not all of it — only the David Suchet series. For some reason, I found Poirot extremely calming background noise for nursing (and now feeding) Baby E. That bumbling Hastings! That saucy Miss Lemon! That excessively groomed mustache! And the “mysterious” saxophone theme song with its trippy visuals:

Baby E. seems to be calmed by it, too. Thus we’ve borrowed a ton of it from the library and I plan to watch all of it. Or at least, some of it, over Baby E.’s head while he eats.

I have a lot of books I should probably laud, but honestly, it’s been enough of a struggle to read these days, much less review — though I’m trying to at least track them on Goodreads.

Dark Chocolate SunDrops. I don’t need to elaborate on this, do I? An excellent treat when you’re snowed in.


What can you do when it’s snowing in May? Clean out your liquor cabinet, that’s what! I discovered some Jameson in the cupboard behind the popcorn popper, and A. was good enough to pick up some Stella Artois Cidre (which I assume is pronounced SEE-drah, along with much sexy eye-rolling), so I made Johnny Jump-Ups. Which, funnily enough, is also the name for a (now recalled? Or maybe defunct) kid’s toy I enjoyed as a child. Dear old Johnny Jump-Up, you’re shaking me from babyhood through adulthood.

Also in the libation glass: Shock Top Lemon Shandy. I’m generally not a fan of summer shandies, shandies, etc. My favorite summery beer would have to be Shiner’s delicious Ruby Redbird, which you should absolutely drink if you find yourself lucky enough to be holding a bottle in hot humid weather. But during my parents’ last visit, my dad bought a sixer of the Shock Top Lemon Shandy and then left it here, so A. and I have been drinking it. I will say…it’s all right. I don’t think I’ll be buying it any time soon, but if you like gentle beers similar to Blue Moon (or Belgian whites, if they’re called that?) and you like lemonade, you’ll like this one. I like lemonade, and I liked it fine.

Hey, guess what I’m no longer craving, no doubt due to the end of breastfeeding and pregnancy? MILK. It’s wonderful to be off the cow-juice wagon.


2 thoughts on “Lauds and Libs, the Snowed-In Edition

  1. I was forced to drink shandy last week when the pub on the lower end of the Ren Fest didn’t have my preferred ale. It wasn’t bad, but I still think the only mix of lemon and beer should be a nice light wheat beer with a of lemon wedge perched on the side of the glass.


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