Mergh. Also, blergh.

I keep forgetting that I shouldn’t be clicking on Avengers review links. Ha ha, not going to see that one for a year or so! Or however long it is till A. and I decide we’re ready for a babysitter, or you know, the whole DVD/streaming-release thing happens. Pretty sad. And yet I’m not sad. I’m feeling blasé about it. Avengers? Psh. Big fun movie? Bah. Outside? Sunlight? WHAT’S THAT?

Okay, it’s not that bad. We are taking walks with the baby and stuff.

We started EI (Early Intervention) stuff last week. Will be finding out soon about results and what, if anything, we need to do next for Baby E. Very stressful. Will be ignoring that for now.

Today was a long day. You know what’s good for a long day? Some weirdass Maya Deren, that’s what! Enjoy Witch’s Cradle (1943):


2 thoughts on “Mergh. Also, blergh.

    1. WHOA. I do not remember that! But then I have more memories of the book, which I liked a lot better than the movie at that young age (3rd grade, I think?). Back then I still got quite pissy about the ways movies deviated from the books they were adapting, ha ha ha! They called me The Third Grade Kill-Joy.


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