Baby + Tylenol = Sleep (So Far)

They Shoot Babies, Don’t They?

Baby E. got his four-month shots. He was fussy when we got home, so we gave him some infant Tylenol and some comfort feeding and lots of diaper changes, and he seems okay. Boy, those diapers, though…the oral vaccine they give at 2 and 4 months makes for some rank, rank bowel movements. But hey, this too shall pass, right? Heh heh heh.

He was also pretty fussy at the doc’s office, so much so that one of the nurses asked us what was wrong with him. Now that I think about it, I think she meant, why is he here today, is he sick, rather than what I immediately assumed which was EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH HIM BECAUSE HE IS FUSSY ALL THE TIME.

Ahem. The pediatrician also said he thought Baby E. was just colicky, and that we could expect him to get over the “brain stem” phase of baby life and calm down in a couple months. When I asked what kind of tests we would do if Baby E. stayed fussbudgety, he declined to speculate.

I hope he’s right. I really would love nothing more than to have a completely different babe in a month. And truly — it probably will happen. He’s already calmed down a little bit. We have lots of moments where he’s not crying. It’s great!

We also learned that Baby E. has some high extensor tone, which is a fancy way to say he goes unbelievably rigid in his arms and legs and shoulders when he gets stressed. The ped showed us how to do some at-home PT, which consisted of sitting Baby E. on our knees and gently leaning him forward, and pressing his hands together so that his shoulders relax. In the plus column, he can hold his head up so well!

We also got some formula samples. I now intend to stop breastfeeding and, after pumping for long enough to wean Baby E. slowly with combination bottles of formula and breastmilk, I’ll then restart the Imuran. (A drug name that autocorrect likes to change to “immoral.” Well, fuck you, you judgy old breast-is-best anti-pharmaceutical computer Nazi! Er. Anyway.) I feel a bit of a twinge, honestly. I’m not a huge fan of breastfeeding, but I do recognize that there’s some bonding going on. It also made me feel proud that I could do this for him. But I think the prednisone is getting to me. There’s no benefit to the baby sleeping through the whole night if I’m up with night sweats and freakass dreams from the drug. And while I haven’t had a freakout yet, I’m constantly worried that I will have one, either at A. or the baby (while he’s in my arms) for no good reason. So, formula, here we come.



Ahem, again. I mean. Yeah. I’ve been sloooowly working on my edits, and Baby E. has been kind enough to give me some three-hour nap stretches during the day, but. But. I feel brain-dead beyond belief. I am sick to death of looking at Facebook, and some days that feels like all I’m capable of doing — staring at other people’s lives or updates. Ugh.


This is going okay, actually! Here’s what I’m reading right now:

– Hild

– The World of Ice and Fire

– Cloud Atlas (bit by bit)

– Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror

Slog, slog, slog. I want my brain back.


3 thoughts on “Baby + Tylenol = Sleep (So Far)

  1. It’s great that you breast-fed for the first few months, even if it was tough. So many proven health benefits for le bebe.

    My little nephew was a crier/screamer/non-sleeper for about the first six months or so. It was INCREDIBLY exhausting and wearing for my brother and his wife, and like you she fretted over whether she was doing something wrong, or could be doing something better/different. You aren’t and you can’t. Sometimes, hard as it is, the only remedy is time and patience :/


    1. like you she fretted over whether she was doing something wrong, or could be doing something better/different. You aren’t and you can’t.

      Sometimes it helps enough to read that and/or remember that. So thank you. :)


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