Now you too can read on a screen

To Read, Today

I enjoyed this article from The New Yorker:

Being a Better Online Reader, by Maria Konnikova

An interesting read. I’m glad to see it’s not an excitable EBOOKS MAKE YOU STOOPID or PRINT IS FOR OBSOLETE LOSERS take on the real issue of how the medium affects our ability to intake and analyze information deeply. Although those types of articles are lots of fun, too.

One of the things I do a lot while reading articles online (and have seen others do, as well) is highlight the text mindlessly as I go. It’s like I have to provide my fingers with something to do so they won’t click away to other tabs, perhaps? Which misses the point of online reading — surely you should be clicking on all those delightful links embedded within the text! At least opening them up into tabs to read later, with all your endless reading time! I tried to stop myself from at least highlighting frenetically while reading the article, and succeeded only by sitting on my hands.

Incidentally, there are some sites that get freaked out when you highlight article text. For each highlight, a copyright notice window pops up to say, “Are you trying to cite something?!? Be sure to credit Best Aggregator Site Evar © 2015!!!” I usually do not last long at these sites.

In Other News

We are getting…a fence! Finally we can let the dog into the back yard without fearing she will bolt away after deer, or to throttle a neighboring pooch. (Yes, this happened. Yes, the neighboring pooch is okay. Yes, we are still miraculously on good terms with those neighbors — probably because they let their dogs roam off lead an annoying amount of the time. Yikes.) The longer I am a house owner, the more inept I feel about my ability to own a home. I should have more skills like fence installation. My current primary abilities are limited to drain snaking and room painting. I’d like to expand into carpentry. Unfortunately, most handyman abilities require tools, or at least the rental of such. For now, I’m acting the typical Millennial* and borrowing both skills and tools from my and A.’s parents.

Also, I see (through our kitchen window as I type this from the comfort of my kitchen table) that my retired neighbors get out more than I do. As in they get in their car and go do things. Baby E is currently sleeping and has been for a half hour — oh, wait, I see on the monitor that he’s stretching his arms and waking up. Goodbye, Internet.


*Didn’t know I was a Millennial, did you? NEITHER DID I. I always ID’d as Gen X, but apparently I’m a straddler. Pooh.


2 thoughts on “Now you too can read on a screen

  1. The longer I am a house owner, the more inept I feel about my ability to own a home. I should have more skills like fence installation.

    In my experience, the main skill you need is writing checks. Or whipping out the credit card.


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