Want to know more about autoimmune disease?

OF COURSE YOU DO. Who doesn’t?

What’s Wrong With Me? (via The New Yorker)

This essay really hits all my ulcerative colitis high notes. It also hits home — while my problems can be currently be suppressed with meds, I’ve entered disease/treatment limbo. There’s no “better”, there’s only maintenance. When you have a chronic autoimmune disease, that’s your life. Maintaining health, mobility, or a decent (80 percent, as the article author calls it) for as long as you can. But you’re constantly waiting for that maintenance to fail, and there really isn’t any hope of anything better. (Note: I know some of my fellow UC patients disagree with me on this, that surgery is a cure. I’ll have to read more about med-free life after surgery and at what rates new autoimmune problems crop up after the colon is removed.)

Happy Depressing Wednesday! Anyhoo, go read.


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