Stream of baby consciousness in a quiet moment

Baby is currently squeaking along in sleep in his sleeper, and I’m trying to type quietly in the rocking chair across from him. I’m not a quiet typer — I’m an emphatic keyboard banger. Yet another habit that needs to change with the arrival of the newborn. Also, the squeaking thing — is this normal? Do all newborns squeak or squeal or in essence, sound like a car peeling out of a parking lot? Yes, I’ll be the new overreacting mom, over here in the corner, chewing my fingernails to bits.

Last night was very long, but it was preceded by several nights where the babe slept for 3.5 hour stints instead of 1-2 ones. And this current sleep, during which I should also be sleeping if I know what’s good for me (ha), has been going on for an hour and a half. Baby’s been doing this sequence lately where he first eats, then fusses and bobs in my arms for a while (or if I put him down, cries), then wants to eat again. We try to pad out the fussing/bobbing time  with talking, reading, walking, bouncing on the yoga ball, diaper change, etc., so there’s at least an hour between feedings, but he gets impatient. Why does he need to feed so frequently? Kellymom and other baby resource places would have me believe he’s in a constant growth spurt, or that he’s just using me as a pacifier. It feels like both, since he’s getting pretty heavy to hold. And oh, what a delight that is, even when he’s shrieking at 1 a.m. He’s gained weight. I’m tempted to buy a scale, or to take him down to the local Labor & Delivery and beg a use of their baby scale.

This post is kind of a mess, isn’t it? Going to nap now. If I can over the jungle sounds of the baby dilophosaur, that is.


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