These things tend to go hand-in-hand

What things, you ask? Oh, just the term “getting the shaft” and insurance companies. From NPR:

Insurance Choices Dwindle In Rural California As Blue Shield Pulls Back

A quote:

In addition to Anthem, Blue Shield of California used to sell policies to individuals in every county in the state…But by 2014’s open enrollment period, Blue Shield had pulled out of 250 zip codes throughout the state, including four entire counties: Alpine, Monterey, Sutter and Yuba.

The gaps are particularly felt in the top third of the state, where thousands of residents now have only one choice of insurer if they want to buy a health policy on the exchange.

That’s in contrast, Lomas says, to other spots, like the San Francisco Bay Area, where she’s also been helping clients find policies on the state exchange. “I’d do it for them,” she says, “and, wow, there are six insurance companies or seven insurance companies. I think that was when I first realized how, truly, we were getting the shaft up here.”

Blue Shield of California declined an interview with NPR. But in a written statement, the company reported that it’s not selling in certain areas of California because it could not find enough health providers willing to accept a level of payment that would keep premiums low. According to the statement, the company also is not selling in areas where there is no contracted hospital within 15 miles.

Bleccch. Yes, the business of healthcare is still a business. Must be confusing for people who aren’t used to be shit on by insurance companies! Thankfully, the pool of the crapped-upon appears to be growing rather than shrinking, as if BCBS and others have lost their heads and are running around shrieking FIRE EVERYTHING DROP EVERYONE! Let’s pay attention, okay?

In other news, my god, my god, it’s February. Hello, giant red heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, I will have ALL of you. Just don’t tell my insurance company, they might drop me.


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