Lauds and libs, the long-awaited version


Actually I haven’t had any really noteworthy drinks since getting pregnant, but at Thanksgiving I really enjoyed me some Martinelli’s sparkling apple-pomegrante juice.


A. and I watched A Face in the Crowd recently. I highly recommend it, particularly since given our isolated location these days, our TV channels are limited to a couple of network broadcasts and MeTV, also known as “Memorable Entertainment TV” which plays just about everything you cable subscribers would see on Nick at Night or TV Land. Why is this relevant? Well, MeTV plays a crapton of The Andy Griffith Show* reruns. Seeing Andy Griffith play a more, shall we say, complex character is fascinating. It’s also one of those movies I’d always see clips of around Oscar time or on channels like TCM, but had never seen. Here’s a typically long and spoilery trailer:

Not too much else to laud at the moment.



*When I was little I thought this actually was called The Barney Fife Show. My priorities and loyalties were dedicated, apparently — I was sure Don Knotts was really the star.


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