More druggie stuff

Remember the section from my post (entitled GO EAT A BUTT, etc.) back in July about the sudden and surprising increase in generic drug costs? It was a link to a NYT article that can also be found here:

Rapid Price Increases for Some Generic Drugs Catch Users by Surprise

Well, guess what! We have a follow-up of sorts.

Lawmakers Look for Ways to Provide Relief for Rising Cost of Generic Drugs

Gosh, it’s so surprising that healthcare-related stuff would cost more in this country. Also the chief executive of Lannett mentioned at the end of the article sounds like such a delight:

He told the congressional committee that he could not come to the hearing because he would be at an investors meeting in Europe.

Heh heh! Outsmarted those silly congress folks, didn’t you! A DELIGHT. Honestly, I can’t think of a better word.

In other news I have been informed by people I trust that sarcasm is never helpful when raising a child. I’m going to try to improve. I’m also going to just drop this here:



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