No spinach for you?

After over a decade of living with ulcerative colitis and eating to placate it, I have come to the final conclusion that spinach and I can never ever be friends again. Yes, it may be a “legal” food according to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Yes, it is fantastically good for you. In particular I’ve bought and cooked a ton of it during The Quickening, because I thought all those nutrients would help the baby. Which is a fact universally acknowledged by Everyone. And yet. My innards just don’t want to process it. I even made the spinach puree from French Kids Eat Everything (a book that, while it gave me mixed feelings about the general execution, really hit my sweet spot for food rules and recipes*), which mixes spinach with zucchini and gentles both into a tasty, luminous green mash. My guts did accept a bit of that–they probably thought I was being cute.

So what is it about spinach? According to one woo-y health site, it’s supposed to “soothe ulcers” and eliminate “toxins from the the colon.” AHAHAHAH, say I. Maybe it’s the oxalic acid. Maybe there’s some other way to cook it, to temper it into a form less abominable for my own heartily intoxicated bowel. Maybe avoiding it has resulted in a lack of tolerance, and if I eat enough puree, I could build up a new ability to tolerate it.

At this point, I would ask for spinach recipes, but it’s cool, Internet–I know that a large amount of your spinach recipes involve either delightfully fresh salads or barely “wilted” leaves, neither of which my guts can successfully appropriate and absorb. I think I’m going to stick with the puree and see how things progress.



* There is a beet puree. It made me enjoy beets again. If you already enjoy beets, please feel free to disregard. But OMG, beets. Really. The only frustrating thing is that the deliciousness of these purees occurs with the aid of zucchini, which while available is decidedly not in season year round here in SD. I’d like to make it with something I could grow or store year round, but I’m not sure yet what a good analog would be.


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