Ugh, Canon, no.

Yesterday I came across this Matt Wallace post about a Canon ad for (presumably?) their self publishing program:

Reality Check: Canon’s See Impossible “Author” Ad

Here’s the ad in question, if you don’t feel like clicking through:

Boy howdy, is it fantasy land. I think my favorite part is when the “author” has actual sit-down meetings with publishers and editors. Or maybe they’re supposed to be agents? In any case, it made me laugh at the screen, and I haven’t even tried to self-publish anything.

But the post is worth reading, as is the rest of Wallace’s blog–go read it. I haven’t read any of his books yet, but I might have to start. Although he isn’t properly following the Canon path, which as we know from this ad, leads to instant success, visibility, and rave reviews for shitty first novels about summer. Or first love. Or something-something ground-breaking. Blech.


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