Just a quick note to say…

…that I do not believe I expressed adequately in my previous post, about the weirdness of internal hiccups. It is a really, really weird feeling.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Just a quick note to say…

  1. I think until you posted, I wasn’t aware that I was feeling baby-hiccups occasionally, and was instead thinking, “Why is Baby kicking me so rhythmically? Is something wrong?” Now it’s just cute.

    I like tracking the reactions that Baby has to different foods that I eat. Anything sugary/carby is of course a big hit, but Baby also got super wiggly last week about black bean/potato/kale enchiladas. Potato soup a few days later garnered almost no wiggles at all.


    1. It’s so nice to go from worried to “awww”–there’s way too much unnecessary anxiety about baby stuff.

      I have noticed similar baby-jiggling in response to hummus. Bring on the beans!


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