Baby face sales.

I am having a difficult time remembering that I am now (unequivocally) in the third trimester of pregnancy. This despite the fact that when I try to sleep in an extra hour, the baby kicks and rolls and basically stretches out as far as he can in order (I presume) to get me up and eating/drinking. I never dreamed anything could be so annoyingly adorable.

Been noticing more just how many of my friends and family load up their social media profiles with pictures of their kids. I’m still not sure how I want to go about putting this kid’s face online, if at all. Ethically it seems weird, though it’s not as if I haven’t spammed everyone with pictures of our pup. (Although Clio is not going to grow up and be embarrassed by all her Sleepy Puppy pics.) And there’s definitely an entitlement issue–people get whiny about wanting to see pictures of a New Baby, and it can be easier to shove them all on FB or G+ or even on Flickr with an emailed link. I think that if I’m honest, this feels more like a jealousy thing. I don’t even have a freaking kid yet, and I already don’t want to share. Yes, it’s probably more complicated than that, but that little green worm-thread is definitely eating through the middle of my feelings mess. Anyhoo.

The most common methods of child photo sharing I see are these:

1. Facebook. Because it’s where all the grandparents and older relatives are. I’m adverse to this, primarily because FB is so unhelpful when it comes to removing pics, because FB is a site geared first for social interaction and ads rather than pic editing/hosting, because FB has a history of doing what they want and asking for “permission” from we the users later/only if noticed, and finally because despite the fact that it’s my only contact point for a bunch of great people, I get sick of it as a website and don’t go on it for long periods of time. Shockingly, none of these serve as inducements to stick All The Pics here.

2. G+. Because ? I’m not sure why, actually. Is it any better than FB, when you get down to it?

3. Email. Cons: stuffing people’s inboxes, uploading attachments, lots of “AWWW” replies.

4. Instagram. Probably. Actually, I don’t know this one for sure. Most of the instagram baby-related stuff I see is cross-posted to FB.

5. Flickr. Again, probably. I might be the only person I know who would put the baby pics there and then link to them within the above services or via email.

6. An online photo printing service like Shutterfly or Snapfish, because you can create (temporary?) albums and also order prints, if that’s your thing. I don’t believe the albums are public; you have to share them with your friends and fam. I like this option, but it seems like a copy of #5, especially since I already have a Flickr account.

So I’m leaning toward Flickr as a first resort. What have I missed? What are you other expectant or current parents out there doing?

4 thoughts on “Baby face sales.

  1. I will probably be putting whatever baby photos I want to share on Facebook, mostly because it’s easy and I’m already used to it, and because this is the most straightforward way to share photos with the majority of my family/friends, because they’re on Facebook, too, so I won’t have to take the extra step of e-mailing a link to a photo album elsewhere. And I like that Facebook is kind of a passive way to sharing photos, in that people have the option of clicking through and liking or commenting. E-mailing a link somewhere else feels slightly socially awkward to me, like it could be seen that I am demanding some kind of response.

    I’ll be getting prints made to mail to my grandma, who is not online at all, although I’m also pretty confident that my mother will share any digital photos I post with her, and with anybody else she possibly can. My mom is kind of over-the-moon about the baby.


    1. This is a good point–I know people do get a little funny about clicking out to other sites from FB. I do still have a Flickr pro account, which is kind of silly considering Flickr lets you have a big ol’ terabyte these days. But I do like having my pics there and the fact that it’s a site dedicated to that, with print-making capabilities* if I want them. Not sure about the downloadability of whole albums, though.

      And now that I’m exploring more, I see they have a sharing function w/ FB. Might do, might do…

      Haha, my mom is really excited, too! I think she’s a little hard up for grandchildren. Is this your mom’s first?

      *tho I haven’t done a price comparison yet


  2. First grandchild for both my family and George’s family. And since I am now 35, I think my mom was starting to give up hope on grandchildren.


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