Youth and beauty are not synonymous

I hate Yahoo News, but I love Frances McDormand:

‘I’m happy with the way I look and how I age’

Most of the other stuff on YN is about some dude who’s pissed his daughter is doing an assignment about Islam (because he doesn’t agree with it! Therefore she should not learn about a religion practiced by a shit-ton of people in this world unless she learns about it from his experiences, I guess? Rather than a combination of that and what the school teaches them? WELL-ROUNDEDNESS AND DIVERSITY OF SOURCES ARE BAD MMMMKAY) and some other crap about some celebrity trying to get everyone interested in corset-wearing as a weight-loss technique. But I was glad to see McDormand in there. Reminds me of this old Craig Ferguson piece:

As evidenced by my YN trolling, there are additional reasons why everything sucks, including my inability to stop looking at and mocking YN. But thanks, Craig. That monologue never fails to invigorate me.


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