Segmented sleep as dictated by pregnancy

Read Greenwich Mean Time this morning.

I am experiencing a delightful interim of segmented sleep. Go to sleep in early evening, wake up around midnight, pee (always, always pee. It’s like there was no magical break between first and third trimesters), give the pup a treat, talk in mumbles to A. about dreams, fall back asleep till the alarm goes off at 5. Okay, so it’s not truly segmented/bifurcated/divided/sectional sleep–I’m not waking up all the way and I’m not doing anything productive or relaxing during the brief period I’m awake. Maybe I should be.

There are hiccups going on inside my belly. They were so regimental that at first I thought my stomach muscles were merely stuck in a tic or spasm. Nope. Baby robot hiccups.

As for the rest of me: I feel huge. Three months to go and I already feel too large. This does not bode well. My breasts itch and feel lumpy. Baby robot movements are the best part of all of this body crap.


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