Save your rebellion for things that matter. Like cherry slices.

Realized two things last night while walking around with A.:

1) I was grotesquely full from a dinner of Meat, Vegetables, Milk, and Apple Pie.

2) It has been a long time since I’ve had a Coke.

The Primary Dark Cola of our world and I have a funny relationship. Intellectually, I’m against it. The company exploits land and resources, and uses a lot of water that would be better suited to being WATER, frankly, rather than tooth rot. On the physical and emotional sides, I’m very susceptible to it, because A) sugar and B) Christmas! Santa Claus! Polar bears! Drink of choice for my favorite grandma! And so I used to drink a lot of it in high school–specifically, at a friend’s house, whose dad was addicted and always kept a case handy. I’d go hang out and we’d draw or write or make various artsy projects while watching TV or listening to music (at that point, a mix of Nick Cave, Type O Negative, and Wim Wenders movie soundtracks. Ah, high school/pretentious high schoolers/wannabe artists), and I would drink a soda. It got to the point where if I didn’t go to her house and get my fix, I’d get the shakes around 7 p.m.

After my ulcerative colitis diagnosis, I found that cola was one of my big triggers for flare symptoms. So I stopped drinking it, along with coffee, and took up black tea instead. I imagine I was not very fun to live with, but somehow A. managed it. What a nice dude. Except for how he made coffee right in front of me. Bastard. Bastard sweetheart lover. (Arrrrrgh it STILL SMELLS SO GOOD TO THIS DAY, DAMN YOU, COLON.)

Now that things have calmed down a bit on the UC front, I can have a Coke every now and then. And I did just that…up until The Womb Quickening. To tell the truth, I’ve kind of forgotten about colas in general. My consistent craving has been for milk. Which is a bizarre and uncharacteristic craving, if you ask anyone who knows my milk drinking habits: on cereal or oatmeal, sometimes mixed in tea, a glass with dinner (maybe), and no more, please. I’ve gone from bare minimum to four glasses a day. I’m also craving cherry jelly slices, though, so the milk thing might just be a baby requirement fluke.

Tonight, I saw a soda machine. My thought-and-action processes went like this:

Hey, it’s been a while since I had a Coke.

*immediately buys Coke w/o wondering at knee-jerk reaction to seeing red vending machine*

Gee, I wonder why it’s been so long.

*baby kicks*

Oh, right, I’m pregnant. Oh well, it’s probably not going to hurt the baby. I don’t get too much caffeine, not really. And I haven’t had any kind of soda in a while.

*baby kicks*


*drinks Coke*

This tastes…funny.

*Takes another drink*

No. This tastes terrible.

So yes. Apparently my pregnancy-skewed tastebuds have decided Coke tastes like crap. You know what? That’s okay with me. Maybe it’ll last.

2 thoughts on “Save your rebellion for things that matter. Like cherry slices.

  1. I was wondering at first if your Coke aversion was a sugar/corn syrup thing–I’ve found that I just can’t handle mass amounts of junky sugar recently either (the “good” kind of sugar, like homemade cookies and cake, are A-OK, though). But your cherry slice craving kind counteracts that.

    I have not had any lasting, specific cravings during pregnancy yet, and I’m kind of disappointed. Shouldn’t I be scarfing deep-fried pickle sundaes by now? Are the mass media depictions of pregnancy (gasp) inaccurate?


    1. I’d LOVE to pretend that was it, but yeah, nope. Still craving as much crap faux-food (foud?) as I always have! And my sweet tooth for homemade brownies and pie and other baked goods hasn’t dwindled at all, although I’m trying to eat less of them. I think this was really specific. Normally I’ve always loved that sharp, peppery/bitter taste of a Real Live Coke, but that very thing was what turned me off.

      I don’t believe I’ve had any peculiar cravings, either, just revulsions. I mean, yeah, mmmm pickles, but I always want pickles. Or, I know, a nice porter or stout. :) Also not unusual. I’m just hungry for more of everything, now that the early stage I like call keep-that-chicken-away-from-me has dwindled away. I AM disappointed that mass media depictions of pregnancy are so far pretty distant from my experiences! I was told there would be expectations to expect! WHAT HAPPENED!


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