Come and play with us.

James Gracey over at Behind the Couch has up a gallery of various creepy The Shining posters, such as this:

The Shining poster

The first time I saw The Shining, I was in high school. My brother had a copy for some reason, and he was usually good about letting me watch scary movies with him–provided we did so after our parents went to bed and could pretend I was asleep, too. (Even if I hadn’t been into horror at that point, I would’ve had to listen to that damn heavy spooky soundtrack through the wall of my bedroom, which adjoined the den–I think I would’ve been drawn out of my room regardless.) Anyway. My brother had already seen it, so he went to sleep at some point, while I sat mesmerized with a blanket half over my face, unable to leave and unable to look away and absolutely gleeful with terror. I have my favorite parts, of course:

– The elevator of bloooooood
– The little girls in the hall, interspersed in Danny’s mind with images of their mangled bodies
– Room 237
– Poor Shelley Duvall–a performance (or rewriting of the character?) that I remember a lot of people referring to as horribly misogynistic. As a female viewer, I still identified with her and Danny, and thought Jack Torrance a ridiculous fuck-up.
– Scatman Crothers
– The music

And now I think I’ll add this to my Halloween horror rewatch pile. Hurry up, October!


One thought on “Come and play with us.

  1. I’ve got a proposal in with two other people do a session at SAA next August on “archival readings” of The Stand, The Shining and The Giver. You could come sit in the back and heckle.


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