With anything, to any occasion

Now that our apple tree is fenced in, I suspect that this is what is happening to our bird feeders. We saw some of the rascals on our morning walk, no doubt after they’d spent a delightful half hour guzzling all the sunflower seeds. Won’t you think of the birds, deer?

In other and completely unrelated news: A. and I have discovered that there is not a situation in this world that may not be responded to with a heavy-handed quote from 12 Angry Men. What gripping lives we do lead.

We can now actually see the baby moving around. I’m sorry (and hilariously excited) to say it’s absolutely like Alien. A. stared at my belly this morning as it bobbled outward in unpredictable bumps from little fists and feet, and he said, “That wasn’t you? I thought it was you. And that you were burping.” I sure as hell did not realize my burps and farts made my belly pummel around, but who knows?

I’m back up in the early A of Ms, trying to write. I’m embarrassed to look at my version of the magic spreadsheet, but I’ll suck it up and do it tomorrow. Also helping rekindle my writing habits after the insomnia/exhaustion hell of the First Trimester: catching up on about two-three-seven months worth of writing podcasts. Which reminds me that I want to donate to a couple of Patreons. Which reminds me that I should be writing already.




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